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Eco Energy Ltd.

Eco Energy an economic consulting and investment firm that specializes in the energy, environmental, and infrastructure sectors.  The company is owned and managed by Dr. Amit Mor and Shimon Seroussi.  Eco Energy’s latest projects include conducting a valuation of the Israeli oil refineries and the Ashcogen power plant, and facilitating finance, planning, and professional activities of international and Israeli companies including the preparation of business plans and valuation of companies.

Eco Energy and its owners have been involved in numerous projects in various countries. The company also specializes in energy forecasting, including the preparation energy demand surveys and forecasting prices and hedging schemes for petroleum, natural gas and other energy products in various markets.  The company is also active in the newly developing market of greenhouse gases emission reduction programs and emission credits.

Dr. Amit Mor and Shimon Seroussi have recently completed the preparation of the Energy Master Plan for the State of Israel, a comprehensive strategic work conducted for the Israeli Government.  They also initiated and chaired the inter-ministerial committee for the “Implementation of Economic Measures for Reduction of Air Pollution” which formed the basis for government activity in this field.

Past and present clients of the company and its owners include: BP-Amoco, ENI, Yukos, Tractabel, BG, SPP, the Bosnian Natural Gas Company, the World Bank, The European Investment Bank, EIF, Paz Oil Company, Delek – the Israeli Oil Company, Sonol, Dor Energy, Israel Railways Co., Israel Ports Co., Environmental Services Co., Ashkogen, Nilit, Lesico, BioPetrol, Tahal, Etgal Holdings, Merhav, Maman, Sun-Tree; The Israeli Government, including: the ministries of Finance, National Infrastructure, Environment, Transportation, Telecommunication, and Regional Development; Power Utility Authority, Israel Securities Authority, Investec Bank, United Mizrahi Bank, and various international and Israeli law firms.

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